Media conversion is a process to convert a tape or a slide into a digital file. We convert the videos and pictures into a high-quality MP4 or JPEG file. These files can be saved to any external storage device or sent via Dropbox to be saved on a computer.



We offer pick-up and delivery of your Tapes within Winnipeg. You will never need to leave the comfort of your own home!


Tapes, discs & slides are run through our machines and converted into universal MP4 video files or JPEG picture files that can be viewed on nearly any computer or device.


Videos and images are transferred onto an external hard drive, USB Flash Drive or sent via Dropbox to be downloaded.


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Q: How soon will my tapes be completed?

A: This is dependant on the number of tapes in the order. We aim to complete most of our orders within 48 hours. We can also accommodate rush orders upon request.

Q: What is “media conversion”?

A: Media conversion is a process to convert a media file, such as VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, slides + more. We can convert these to a high-quality MP4 file (or others), which then can be saved to your USB flash drive or delivered via Dropbox to be saved on your computer.

Q: What will Black Tape Media name the files once they have been converted?

A: We can either name the converted files the name which appears on the side of the tape, or assign each file a number. It is  relatively simple to rename a file once converted.

Q: Can you put the videos onto a USB stick/thumb drive?

A: Yes. We recommend purchasing an external hard drive with sufficient storage capacity to ensure that all your files can be stored.

Q: How do I receive the videos if I do not have a thumb drive?

A: We have the capability to send the videos via Dropbox for you to download online and save on your computer.

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